Roasting Marshmallows

April 24, 2024 | 369 words | 2 minute read.

Anyone who knows me knows that when I find a new thing, I have to try it out. This time it’s a site generator that runs entirely in Swift. Its called Ignite and it was created with everyone’s favorite Hacking With Swift creator, Paul Hudson.

So here goes. I’m still learning the system, so the edges may be a little rough for a while, but it holds great promise!

…now on to actual content… kind of…

For the past several weeks I’ve been playing with Stable Diffusion at home. Talk about your rabbit holes! For anyone who doesn’t know, Stable Diffusion allows you to create highly detailed images with a few words, what we in the business call “a prompt”. It’s a little more detailed than that, but not much.

Also highly detailed often means “oops, that guy has 6 fingers. Try again.” By often, I mean 4 out of 6, I mean 5, times.

Still it’s a lot of fun. You learn to generate jillions of pictures just to throw most of them away and keep the few that look good. For this marshmallow roast picture, I generated a dozen and this is the only good one. Others had freakishly deformed faces, conjoined gnome twins, massive tree fires behind them in the forrest, and a myriad of other oddities. But this one turned out pretty good.

The phrase I used to generate the picture was simply “Pen and Ink on parchment, Toy Gnomes Singing songs around a bonfire, Bright Pride Colors, rim lighting” and even though it made lots of mistakes, all of the pictures it generated only took 30 minutes so it was easy to discard the ones I didn’t like.

Replacing “Pen and Ink on parchment” with “Photo Realistic” resulted in these fun shots. Again, only one or two were usable, but they all were pleasing to look at.

Ten thumbnails oo the ‘Photo Realistic Gnomes’

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